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 UNUSUAL iS COOL  is a solo project in collaboration with Fairsew.

All pieces are fairly, ethically, and consciously produced in Cambodia.

FLAG (the flagship) is a fully custom, non-profit drop. It's expensive to make so few clothes this way, but I'm not gonna settle. I will not be making shit from this, but down to the last sleeve measurement it's mine.

& that's fucking  COOL .


 Oversize & relaxed. 

Dropped shoulders with bloused and wide sleeves to fit all bodies comfortably.

This project was created to support the people that made  Unusual Videos  successful. We're not there yet but my hope is that future drops can accomplish that.

I have a lot in store for  UNUSUAL iS COOL , your support means the world.

That's all I wanted to say.

goodnight <3

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